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Fast and Affordable Elevator Sump Pit Covers by D5 Engineered Products

Image Text: Fast and Affordable elevator Sump Pit Covers by D5 Engineered Products - shows inside of an elevator shaft

There is nothing more important than safety. That’s why if your elevator sump pit is left exposed, you need a cover immediately.  

An exposed elevator sump pit can lead to injury or even death from falling or drowning.  

You don’t have time to wait for a sump pit cover mock-up or specialized design, you need one now.  

That’s where D5 Engineered Products comes in. We offer elevator covers on demand and pre-engineered to fit your needs.  

Elevator Sump Pit Covers graphic. Text: In stock ready to ship.Fabricated at an AISC certified shop. Shop drawings available for download. Pre-engineered. Galvanized.

Shop drawings are available now and you can place your order immediately.  

What Makes Out Elevator Sump Pits Unique? 

Image: Elevator Sump Grate

Our elevator pits come in two pieces. Cast-In Embed Frames, and Bolt-in Supports. 

Here is what each piece offers: 

Cast-In Embed Frame 

  • Product is pre-engineered 
  • Comes with an embedded angle frame with nailer holes 
  • Galvanized grating 
  • Custom sump cover quotes on demand 

Bolt in Supports 

  • Product is pre-engineered 
  • Features loose angle supports 
  • Galvanized grating 
  • Anchors are included 
  • Custom sump cover quotes on demand 

All elevator covers are in stock, pre-engineered, and ready to ship to you. Made in an AWS and AISC-certified shop in Cincinnati Ohio, you can count on D5 Engineered Product Elevator Sump Pit Covers to provide reliable safety. 

Since we have them on hand and ready to ship, all you need to do is install them and your site is secure and ready to go. 

Get an Elevator Sump Pit Cover from D5 Engineered Products Today! 

Stop wasting time and money engineering the same covers over and over. Get a pre-engineered elevator sump pit cover from D5 Engineered Products today! 

Our products aren’t just a quick turnaround, they are IN STOCK metal fabrications. Receive your parts in days, anywhere in the US. 

Click here to view or purchase an Elevator Sump Pit Cover ━ both cast-in embed frame and bolt-in supports are available for sale.

Need a custom Sump Cover? Click here to request a custom quote.