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Metal Fabrication Shop Drawings Available for Download Only From D5 Engineered Products

Image Text: Metal Fabrication Shop Drawings Available for Download. Only From D5 Engineered Products

You have a project with a quick turnaround and a limited budget, but it can be hard to determine exactly what metal products you will need and when.  We get it. Waiting around for shop drawings from engineers can feel like you are wasting time and throwing away money. 

There is a better way.

D5 Engineered Products offers already available show drawings for our products that you can access right now.  

Many metal fabrications are often drawn and engineered over and over again on a job-specific basis. We offer downloadable files that can be used for submittals, design, and modeling. Don’t waste time designing and drawing, use our files. 

Screenshot of shop drawing for pre-engineered pipe guards

At D5 Engineered Products we offer the following shop drawings ready for download: 

We have in-stock metal fabricated products and metal fabrication shop drawings ready for you right now.  

Stop throwing away money and wasting time. We have cast-in-place pipe bollards for sale, surface mount pipe bollards for sale, steel embeds for sale, and elevator sump pit covers for sale. And they are all ready to ship to you right now. 

Get Fabricated Metal Products and Shop Drawings from D5 Engineered Products Today 

You need a fabricated metal product today. D5 Engineered Products has them available to ship to you immediately. And we have the shop drawings to go with them.  

If you need the best pre-engineered metal products with the shop drawings available now, shop D5 Engineered Products here!