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Why an AISC Certified Shop is Important for Quality

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When it comes to safety, nothing is more important than the quality of your steel products. One of the best ways to ensure quality is by buying products from shops certified by the American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC).  Buying from an AISC certified shop is beneficial for the steel industry and beneficial for your business.  

Why? Because the AISC is a national trade organization that evaluates steel fabricators and erectors to ensure that they meet the highest standards of both quality and safety.  

D5 Engineered Products manufactures their pre-engineered products in AISC-certified shops to ensure they meet or exceed the highest standards.  

So, why is it important to buy products from an AISC certified shop? Let’s take a deeper look. 

AISC Certified Shops Ensure Quality and Safety 

Quality and safety control are imperative when it comes to your steel products.  

For this reason, you should always ensure that you buy your steel products from an AISC-certified shop

Here are the top reasons why purchasing steel products from an AISC-certified shop matter. 

  • AISC certification is a mark of excellence – only the best steel fabricators can make the mark 
  • AISC certification means the products you purchase are up to industry standard in terms of safety, quality control, and inspection 
  • You show your customers you take quality seriously 
  • You reduce your risk of liability – when you purchase products made in AISC-certified shops you can count on excellent quality and safety and because of this, there is less likely to be an issue with your product 

In conclusion, it is important and best practice to purchase your steel products from an AISC-certified shop. Fabrication shop certifications, especially AISC-standards, are important because it demonstrates a commitment to excellence and ensures fabrication and erection processes meet the highest standards. 

What Does it Take to get AISC Certified? 

Now that you understand the importance of AISC-certification, let’s take a look at what it takes for a shop to become AISC-certified. 

Here is what a shop must accomplish to get AISC certification. 

  • A minimum of two years in steel fabrication and erection 
  • A Quality Management System in place that meets AISC standards 
  • The company must undergo an on-site audit including an in depth examination of facilities, processes, and procedures 
  • Next, a company must document their quality control procedures, inspection records, and safety initiatives and programs 
  • After this, passing companies become AISC certified and must undergo regular audits to maintain their certification  

Getting AISC-certified is a rigorous process and not something that every company can achieve.  

That is why you can count on AISC-certified shops to continuously demonstrate a commitment to excellence and quality. 

D5 Engineered Products: All Products Made in an AISC-Certified Shop 

AISC-certification is important. 

When you buy steel products from D5 Engineered Products you only ever get products made in an AISC-certified shops in the USA. 

Not only that, but our products all come with a heat-resistant product-specific QR code so you can be sure that your products are identifiable indefinitely.  

If you are ready for superior steel products in Cincinnati and Dayton, including bollards, pipe guards, elevator sump pit covers, steel embeds, and more, reach out to D5 Engineered Products today! 

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