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D5 Engineered Product’s Surface Mount Bollards Get to You Quickly and Can Stand Up to the Toughest Collisions

Image Text: D5 Engineered Product's Surface Mount Bollards Get to You Quickly and Can Stand Up to the Toughest Collisions - shows pipe bollards in parking garage

Bollards are key to preventing costly collisions and devastating accidents. But you don’t have the time to waste waiting for specified bollards when your construction project is in a pinch.  

D5 Engineered Products has the solution to your problems with our pre-engineered surface mount bollards. 

Surface-mounted bollards are bolted directly to concrete to provide a barrier for many different situations like open shafts, sensitive equipment, or dumpsters.  

The best part is you get your bollards right when you need them. That means you save time and money since our bollards are ready to ship to you immediately. 

What makes our surface-mounted pipe bollards different?  

  • In stock and ready to ship  
  • Heat resistant label with QR code for indefinite material identification  
  • Pre-galvanized or powder coated yellow, no need to field paint  
  • Fabricated at an AISC-certified shop  
  • Impact Rated, no need for concrete fill  
  • Flat cap included, no need for concrete fill  
  • Shop drawings available for download  
Image: Pipe bollards in a parking garage

All surface-mounted bollards are already engineered and impact-rated. These bollards are often needed quickly. Since we have them on hand and ready to ship, all you need to do is install them and your site is secure and ready to go.   

Image: Pipe bollards outside of an outdoor elevator entrance

Surface Mounted Bollards Key Features 

Every pipe bollard from D5 Engineered Products is American made and all fabrications are performed by an AISC-certified fabricator.  

Image: Steel bollard next to a yellow pipe bollard
  • The label is heat resistant with a QR code that links directly to the product specifications on our website   
  • Our bollards are made from A500 Grade B Pipe  
  • Our bollards are pre-engineered to be impact resistant (ASCE 7-10 4.5.3)  
  • All shop drawings are available for download 
  • All surface mount bollards come with anchors 
  • Pre-galvanized or powder-coated yellow. No need to field paint. 

All of our products have been designed under the direction of a professional engineer, and are ready to ship to you today.  

Get Surface Mounted Bollards from D5 Engineered Products Today 

Image: Pipe bollards inside of a parking garage

Stop wasting time and money engineering the same pipe bollards over and over. Get a pre-engineered surface-mounted pipe bollard (anchors included) that you can trust with D5 Engineered Products.    

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