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Pre Engineered Division 5 Metal Products

Cast in place pipe bollards
  • Benefits

  • Material Identification

Speed Planning, Eliminate Costs

D5’s modern platform enables designers and builders to accelerate construction delivery systems by eliminating the unnecessary cost of duplicated drawings and custom-designed fabrications, while providing standardized pre-engineered and ready-to-ship Division 5 metals.

D5 Pre-Engineered Products Help to:

  • Eliminate the duplicated efforts and costs of standard metal products typically used in construction
  • Provide pre-engineered products, in stock, that meet industry standards
  • Provide engineering, shop drawings and tools to help accelerate design and submittals 
  • Provide a solution for products that are often ordered last, but required first

A Clear Goal for Identifiable D5 Products

D5 Engineered Products was established in 2021 with a clear goal in mind: to make division 5 products that can be easily identified using specific product QR codes.

Safety & Accountability for D5 Products

That is the D5 Engineered Products difference. We focus on creating better products with a clear line of accountability.  

Our products have indefinite material identification.  They are marked with heat resistant labels which have an identifying QR code that can be scanned quickly to identify the product materials.  

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