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Pre-Engineered Pipe Guards

E7 Engineered Steel Embed
  • Adjustible Pipe Guards

  • Engineering Information

About D5 Products’ Pipe Guards

  • Pre-Engineered to meet standard impact loads
  • Made in the USA
  • Material Conformity and Fabrication per AISC
  • Multiple designs available
    • Standard condition
    • Adjustable side mount design for concrete column
    • Adjustable wall mount design
    • Adjustable offset side mount design for concrete column
    • Corner mount design for concrete column
  • Field measuring and custom guards no longer required
  • Available in galvanized or Powder Coated yellow finish
  • Files available free for download (under each specific product below)
    • PDF shop drawing, including products data and engineering data
    • CAD File
    • IFC Model File
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Need a custom Pipe Guard?
pre-engineered pipe guards
PG6 Yellow Pipe Guard

Pipe Guard Engineering Information

  • 6 Kip load
  • See specific product data pages for deflection at 1″ width increments for the adjustable guards

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