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Pre-Engineered Embeds

E7 Engineered Steel Embed
  • Steel Embeds

  • Engineering Information

About D5 Products’ Steel Embeds

  • Pre-Engineered steel embeds
  • Made in the USA
  • Material Conformity and Fabrication per AISC
  • Tested and inspected per AWS
  • Indefinite material I.D.
    • Heat resistant tags
    • QR code for product identification
  • Plain finish in stock
    • Galvanized finish available upon request with additional lead time and cost
  • Nailer holes
  • Files available free for download (under each specific product below)
    • PDF shop drawing, including product data and engineering data
    • CAD File
    • IFC Model File
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Need a custom embed?
Pre-Engineered Embeds
E10 pre-engineered steel embed for concrete

Steel Embed Comparison Chart

E1PL 1/4X8X0′-85041/2X4PLAIN12.7K3K13.5K
E2PL 1/4X10X0′-105041/2X4PLAIN12.8K3.1K11.9K
E3PL 1/2X10X0′-105041/2X5PLAIN12.8K12.5K47K
E4PL 1/2X12X1′-05041/2X5PLAIN12.8K12.6K41.3K
E5PL 3/4X12X1′-05043/4X6PLAIN30K28K93K
E6PL 1/2X12X1′-45061/2X5PLAIN19.2K/12.8K15.5K26K
E7PL 3/4X12X1′-45063/4X8PLAIN45K48K58K
E8PL 1/2X5-1/2X0′-85021/2X5PLAIN6.4K11.2K26K
E9PL 1/2X5-1/2X1′-05021/2X5PLAIN6.4K10K14.5K
E10PL 1/2X7-1/2X1′-05021/2X5PLAIN6.4K11.2K24K
E11PL 1/2X7-1/2X1′-45021/2X5PLAIN6.4K9.2K15.6K

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