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The Importance of Division 5 Metals in Today’s Industries

Image Text: The Importance of Division 5 Metals in Today's Industries - shows pile of large threaded rods

There is no one in today’s world that has not been affected by division 5 metals. Most people use Division 5 metals every day whether they are aware of it or not.  

From the roads we drive on, to the buildings we work and live in, Division 5 metals are a key part of every structure we interact with.  

Because Division 5 metals are tough and sturdy, they are commonly used for structural support. They are also fireproof and known to stand up to the toughest strains. 

Inferior products can lead to collapse, wear, and disaster. Because of this, it is important to understand what makes division 5 different and relevant in today’s industries.  

This post will go over what sets Division 5 metals apart and their uses in today’s industries.  

Division 5 Metals and Today’s Industries 

The most important thing about D5 metals is that they are versatile and reliable.  

D5 metals are a type of metal that has taken on a prominent role in today’s construction industry. They often compose the structural beams that make up the skeletal structure of major structures, D5 metals are also fabricated to form the roofs, floors, stairs, and other structures within a building.  

Many projects may include a metal curtain wall, metal studs for the interior spaces, handrails, or steel pipe guards.  The variety and versatility of D5 metals are unlimited. 

Not only can D5 metals be used in many ways, but they are also considered a green material. That means these metals can be recycled and reused long after their current structure has been demolished. This can be extremely important when you are looking for funding and grants.  

The most common uses of D5 metals are the following: 

  • Structural metal framing 
  • Metal decking 
  • Metal joists 
  • Cold-formed metal framing 
  • Decorative metal 

These are just some common examples, the applications of D5 metals are endless. 

What Division 5 Means in Terms of Construction 

In the field of construction, there are sixteen different divisions that we define. Metals are number five.  

The sixteen divisions are as follows: 

  1. General requirements 
  2. Site construction 
  3. Concrete 
  4. Masonry 
  5. Metals 
  6. Woods and Plastics 
  7. Thermal and Moisture Protection 
  8. Doors and windows 
  9. Finishes 
  10. Specialties 
  11. Equipment 
  12. Furnishing 
  13. Special Construction 
  14. Conveying Systems 
  15. Mechanical 
  16. Electrical 

Division 5 metals are some of the most important materials that are used while building. They serve as the tough skeleton of the project. They protect the structure from harm, keep it standing, and from the joints and support of the structure.  

D5 Engineered Products Provides Accountability and Pre-Specification 

Image: Pre-engineering structure made out of Division 5 products

Division 5 metals are a massively important part of our daily lives.  

They support the buildings, bridges, and roads we use every day.  

However, many construction firms waste their time and resources on duplicated costs and untraceable materials. 

At D5 Engineered Products, we are breaking the mold for what it means to be an accountable Division 5 metals supplier. We offer pre-specified and traceable materials so you can cut duplicated costs and be certain that all your Division 5 metals are traceable and completely safe.  

Curious about how D5 Engineered Products can shrink your construction costs and provide you with peace of mind? Reach out today!