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D5 Engineered Products, LLC. Made in the USA


Safety & Accountability 

At D5 Engineered Products, we do things differently than other manufacturers. 

The difference starts at the top. Our leadership is focused on safety and accountability above all else. All D5 Engineered Products come with a unique QR code and a heat-resistant label to help identify the product details and materials.  

Save time and save money.

Many of Division 5 Metal products are often drawn and engineered over and over again on a job specific basis.  We offer downloadable files that can be used for submittals, design and modeling.  Don’t waste time designing and drawing, use our files.

Our products are pre-engineered to meet industry standards. That means our products get to you more quickly and you can eliminate duplicated costs. When you need a Division 5 product and you need it now, you can reach out to D5 Engineered Products.  

See below for engineering information on our products

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D5 Product Innovation & Invention

We are always coming out with new products to meet your needs and pride ourselves as thought leaders in the field of Division 5 metal production.

When you are looking for the latest, most cutting-edge invention in the industry, D5 Engineered Products is the way to go.  

Steel Embeds

E1PL 1/4X8X0′-85041/2X4PLAIN12.7K3K13.5K
E2PL 1/4X10X0′-105041/2X4PLAIN12.8K3.1K11.9K
E3PL 1/2X10X0′-105041/2X5PLAIN12.8K12.5K47K
E4PL 1/2X12X1′-05041/2X5PLAIN12.8K12.6K41.3K
E5PL 3/4X12X1′-05043/4X6PLAIN30K28K93K
E6PL 1/2X12X1′-45061/2X5PLAIN19.2K/12.8K15.5K26K
E7PL 3/4X12X1′-45063/4X8PLAIN45K48K58K
E8PL 1/2X5-1/2X0′-85021/2X5PLAIN6.4K11.2K26K
E9PL 1/2X5-1/2X1′-05021/2X5PLAIN6.4K10K14.5K
E10PL 1/2X7-1/2X1′-05021/2X5PLAIN6.4K11.2K24K
E11PL 1/2X7-1/2X1′-45021/2X5PLAIN6.4K9.2K15.6K

Impact Rated Bollards

  • Loaded for standard loads according to ASCE 7-10 4.5.3
    • 6-kip load placed at 2′-3″ on 6″ Bollards
    • 6-Kip load placed at 1′-6″ on 4″ Bollards
  • Concrete assumed to be at least 4,000 psi, 8″ cracked concrete slab

Elevator Sump Covers

  • Supports 100 psf live load 

Pipe Guards

  • 6 Kip load
  • See specific product data pages for deflection at 1″ width increments for the adjustable guards